Rainy sunday afternoon

XVII century mansion in the city centre (place Lavalette), opposite our beautiful art museum.
The ground floor of this mansion has now became a restaurant called Caffè Forté.

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Eric a dit…

Superb photos so far. Welcome to the DP World Gaëlle. We're happy to have you on board ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Nice to see again a new place and so interesting place as Grenoble.
I wish al the best for you and your blog!

Dsole a dit…

Hi there!
This is a beautiful photo, I like the B/W effect, it gives an old atmosphere... and the first pic is amazing!
So welcome to the DP family!

Bleeding Orange a dit…

Thank you all for your warm welcome messages. Your support is really appreciated by the shy newcomer that I am!

Z a dit…

Hi there, neighbor (sort of!). I know Grenoble only for facilities such as the ILL and the ESRF and it's nice to get this different perspective. I'll come by your blog regularly.

Villigen, CH

Nathalie a dit…

Un cadrage rare et tres bien vu!