Jazz Festival.

Ending of another festival : the Jazz festival I told you about a few days ago. I haven't seen as many shows as I would have liked to.
I've discovered an interresting double bassist though, Sébastien Boisseau.

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M.Benaut a dit…

I hope you enjoyed the festival and that the weather was agreeable too. It seems no one understands my photo today as they don't realise what the poisson d'avril, is.
Perhaps I should write it in Greek !!

alice a dit…

C'est toujours comme ça pour moi aussi, je me promets de prendre des places pour tel ou tel concert, par exemple pendant le festival de jazz qui a lieu ici fin juillet, et puis je laisse un peu traîner et hop, j'en manque la moitié! Bon weekend!

Kate a dit…

Lucky you! Jazz festivals are wonderful and isn't it great to discover a new musician?

Chris & Deb a dit…

Love Jazz Festivals!
But I also love your city buses-they are so very colorful!