St Laurent.

St Laurent Church can be found in the oldest part of the city, called Quartier St Laurent (on the right bank of the river Isère).
This roman church has been built on the site of an old Gallo-Roman necropolis from the IVth century.
After the Gallo-Roman necropolis, a Benedictine church was built, and then modified several times.

Excavations are carried out here and everything hasn't been discoverd yet.
The church is now an archeological museum but it is closed for the moment because of the excavations and works that are taking place.

If you want some more details and you can read french, you can click here.

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Nikon a dit…

Great building with a great sun shining through or reflecting off!

kris a dit…

great shot!

Kala a dit…

this is such a great shot with the greyscale and shining beam of sunlight!

Dsole a dit…

Wow, great sun reflection there!
And good idea about the B/W!

Chris & Deb a dit…

beautiful sunburst in your photo today. I really like your choice of B& prevents that sun from overpowering the composition.

Meg in Nelson a dit…

Lovely Roman architecture. And it's now a museum? This church is going on my list of places I'd like to go.