On March 1st, theme day was : "men at work". I posted an image of a sanitation worker but I said that I initially wanted to post a picture of a cobbler. So here it is!
I must say that this photograph is quite old. I took it on the occasion of a photo competition about crafstman organised in Grenoble a few years ago (and I finished 4th, which wasn't that bad)!

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Strangetastes a dit…

Beautiful - old hands at work suck me in every time.


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pusa a dit…

interesting photo and congratsulation winning in the photo competition... not bad indeed! i havent won any

Olivier a dit…

le b&w va tres bien a ce metier, qui disparait quand meme petit a petit. vraiment une tres belle photo. Voila une belle serie a faire, les vieux metiers en cours de disparitions

Peter a dit…

A good idea, olivier!

Today, it costs often as much to repair a pair of shoes as to buy new ones.

alice a dit…

4ème? Il est encore temps de te féliciter! Je pense qu'on ne doit plus en voir beaucoup travailler de cette façon aujourd'hui...Les cordonniers vendent des piles et des tampons encreurs dans les galeries marchandes, tout se perd ma bonne dame.

Anonyme a dit…

Cobblers were everywhere when I was growing up. They were right up there with blacksmiths. Now, I do not know of a single cobbler anywhere in the state of Ohio. Amazing -- just like your photograph. I should post a blacksmith picture sometime.

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