Former name of Grenoble.

Grenoble has been known under different names through time. We can say that the history of our city begins in around -43 BC, when a small celtic village was built by a population called the "Allobroges". This village was called Cularo, it was thus Grenoble's first name.
Tomorrow you'll learn about the second name of my city.

PS : this photo is a shot from the ceiling of our former art museum, which was also a library and which is now used to display various exhibitions.
On the center you can see the name Cularo painted.

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Olivier a dit…

j'espere que ton anniversaire c'est bien passe, et que tu as eut des tonnes de cadeaux.
Cette (forme) de mosaique est vraiment tres belle.

Peter a dit…

Superbe photo! Un vrai tableau!

Tu connais la signification du nom?

(J'étais trop curieux et j'ai cherché et trouvé la suite, mais je ne dis rien.)

Bleeding Orange a dit…

peter> YEs, it's quite funny. This name, Cularo, means "marrow, cucumber". So Grenoble was know as a "Marrow field" during this period of History!

Anonyme a dit…

That is a beautiful ceiling and the story about the city and its first name was interesting.

Tara a dit…

Reading this post, I am reminded of my Latin class and translating Caesar: Gaul is divided into three parts...

Congratulations on reaching the 100th post landmark!