Let's be tourists.

As all tastes must be satisfied, after a few "art-focused" images, I've decided to show you some tourist-orientated pictures, as I call them! I know they are as interesting as others, or even more maybe, for people who want to discover a city!

So here is the first one, taken from the 7th floor of a buidling in the heart of Grenoble, rue de la République. I must admit that I had never seen this high building in the city centre before I had to go there for my work. There are hardly any high buildings (well, more than 4 floors) in the centre so I was delighted when I discovered the view from this one!

The church you can see is called St André Chruch and is located on place St André, opposite side from our former law court.
This church was built on the XIIIth century and its first purpose was to host the Dauphin's (royal heirs) tombs.

In the background you can discover the Bastille, with its fortifications. But that's another subject!

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Olivier a dit…

le cocher de l'eglise est superbe. une belle vue.
Je te souhaite un bon week end

Drama Div@ a dit…

another brilliant photographer in the blogville

Anonyme a dit…

I wanted to thank you for your frequent visits and comments on my blog. Thanks. I appreciate it.

I like your photograph, but more for the scope of it, than the beauty in it.

From the church outside the walls of the fort, to the rooftops covered in red clay tile (I assume to prevent sparks from falling on roof tops and setting them on fire in the old days).

It will be interesting for me to come back and see what your next photograph will be.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

KMF a dit…

Nice capture

Peter a dit…

Sorry, I don't know why, but I obviously neglected your blog for a while.

I would especially wits to compliment you for the rainy window (Appollinaire) - also thanks to the black background - and for the impressionist-like shot, another rainy day!!

Martel a dit…

It is also necessary some for the tourists, so that your city is discovered.

My blog photographs one Martel

April a dit…

It's great to see a city from all kind of views: touristic and others.