On Saturday, a sport competition (mountain bike, canoe, rollerskating, etc...) was organized by a shopping centre located in Grenoble called Grand'Place.
The canoe test on the Isère river started just off the road from my flat so I was in the front line to take a few shots!

About the Criterium du Dauphiné, this year the winner is Christophe Moreau.

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Kala a dit…

I don't know about the roller skating, but i would definitely compete in the mountain biking and canoeing competition!!! Sounds like a lot of fun and you're luckt to be living so close to the action - i just went kayaking/canoeing this weekend too! Nice pic!

Nathalie a dit…

J'imaginais des bananes en platique!
Il doit y avoir de l'eau dans l'Isere en ce moment, non?

Peter a dit…

So, you did not participate? Close to where you live, but not "shot" from your bedroom window this time?

(The pic is very nice!)

Anonyme a dit…

Nice shot. I like the color yellow and posted a yellow lily today.

Coltrane_lives a dit…

Hi Bleeding Yellow, I mean Orange! :-)Your cool photo reminds me of an American wordplay heard as a kid, "I can canoe a canoe, can you?" Also, alluding to Nathalie's reference to bananas, it makes me think of "30,000 pounds of bananas" old Harry Chapin tune (1974)that was quite popular in the states, but perhaps not so popular in Pennsylvania where a truck accident with BANANAS actually did occur. Check out Harry Chapin's song. It's funny!