Another shot from the museum.
The statue on the centre represents Champollion. He was born in Figeac (Lot) but lived in Grenoble for several years. "In 1809, he became assistant-professor of History at Grenoble. His interest in oriental languages, especially Coptic, led to his being entrusted with the task of deciphering the writing on the then recently-discovered Rosetta Stone, and he spent the years 1822 - 1824 on this task. His 1824 work Précis du système hiéroglyphique gave birth to the entire field of modern Egyptology" (from Wikipedia).

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Anonyme a dit…

Very nice photo and the story was nice to read too. The museum looks fresh and clean and neat. I like the post today.

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Coltrane_lives a dit…

In Paris, stayed on rue de Champollion near Sorbonne, near a popular cinema. BTW Great area. Isn't their some French expression relating "bad writing" to Champollion having difficulty reading it? Merci!

Olivier a dit…

cela fait penser a du Rodin. belle statue.

that made think has Rodin. beautiful statue.

Peter a dit…

Thank you Champollion for opening the mystery of Egypt to the world!

A clever guy, who knew some 15 languages when he was 20!

The link to Grenoble was new to me. Thanks for nice photo and interesting info!

Kala a dit…

I love this picture - the straight shot with perspective in the back, the white walls of the museum and just the pure peacefulness I find with being in a museum and how cool it is to have some art history info! This is a wonderful journey and you are a fantastic guide!