Saint Louis Church nowadays.

Photo taken just a few minutes ago. Well, it's not a masterpiece, but you'll have an idea of what the church and place I showed you yesterday look like now!

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Coltrane_lives a dit…

Seeing this photo I can definitely see the French architectural influence on the city of New Orleans (that and the Spanish influence of course)! Our local newspaper often features a historical photo of one of our city's landmarks/buildings and then discusses the changes through time. BTW I also liked the dolphin idea you featured a while back. Ciao!

M.Benaut a dit…

You could have guessed that I would simply love this photo.
As well as the beautiful architecture, we can see a tram close-up.
Trams were first introduced in Grenoble in 1894. Only Nantes had trams before that.
These magnificent trams are Citadis by ALSTOM, which is another excellent reason for anyone to visit your lovely city. In my case, for a second time.
Merci beaucoup.

Coltane_lives a dit…

Commenting on m.benaut (BTW good eye for detail on the "streetcar" or "tram" as you call it)...The streetcars in New Orleans (USA) first saw action in September of 1835 and continue today. Of course, Hurrican Katrina didn't help the cause. However, there is something charming and romantic about them and they certainly are a draw for any city. The "Desire" streetcar of New Orleans as you may or may not know received its fame from Tennessee Williams drama of the same name. It also launched the career of The Godfather himself, Marlon Brando. I wander as I muse. Ciao!

Peter a dit…

Actually, and this is not always the case, I think that it all actually seems nicer today than on the postcard (from which year?); the tram is there, some trees have been added...- and you are there to take the photos!

We seem to have some real tram experts here. Here in Paris, they are now slowly coming back. Some traffic jams during the construction of the rails, but I'm for (of course I just got rid of my car, so I depend on and defend public transportation).

alice a dit…

Oui mais là, la star c'est le tram!

mum a dit…

Et ben ! quel bazar devant l'église le jour de la prise de vue !