For sale?

Strange things happen sometimes!
I found them yesterday on the Grand Rue, a street on the city centre. They were on display in the window of a piercing shop. Someone interested?!

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M.Benaut a dit…

That's a very good question. I am not sure what I would do with them.
However, I love your photo of the Fields of Lavender. Didn't see anything as pretty on the Tour de France, but we will probably see the tournesols tonight.
Thanks for visiting Adelaide today. I hope my poor French is intelligible !!

jelvistar a dit…

What a funny display. Whatever brings in customers, right?

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Nathalie a dit…

Je crois que j'aurais recadré plus serré sur la fille en reflet (elle est super) et sur juste un des mannequins.

Z a dit…

There's something a little spooky about this. "Lonely people for sale"? Yikes!