Welcome to Bad Taste land, part 2.

I'm back in Grenoble for two days of hard work (thursday and friday) and then off again, this time for 5 days of real holidays, yeah!

So here is my second ugly postcard, from my hometown. Well the snowflakes are not accurate at the time being as it's burning hot here!

For those who like kitsch poscards, the worst is yet to come (don't forget to check the blog again tomorrow...)!

PS : new photo on my Orange qui Saigne blog.

2 commentaires:

Peter a dit…

Looking forward to the next one!! (I'm sure you could make buisness with these cards.)

Olivier a dit…

si tu continues comme cela, tu vas être engage par la mairie de Grenoble pour faire la promotion de ta ville via de superbes cartes postales. Bravo et bon weekend