Welcome to Bad Taste land, part 3.

A sparkling summer in the Diois (part of the Rhône-Alpes region)! I called this postcard like this because the Diois is where the Clairette is produced. And the Clairette is a kind of sparkling wine.

So yes I'm off for a few days in Die (well, I know this name can sound funny for some of you), a charming little city in the Drôme.
I will therefore not be able to post until next Friday as I won't have Internet access over there. So you'll be treated to 7 photos today. I've decided to take you on holiday with me. So you won't see much about Grenoble but mostly about Die.
And don't forget to let me know how you find the town!
See you next friday.

3 commentaires:

Peter a dit…

I think that the problem is that even if this is not really your intention, these postcards are perfectly adapted to to what a lot of people are looking for. For the "fun", should you not try to sell them to some card publisher?

CrazyDaisy2 a dit…

On aime bien le clairette de die! Sorry, I know that my french has perdue it's lustre but we did quite enjoy a chilled clairette every now and then!! On a habite a St. Martin d'Uriage entre 2000 et 2004. Mon maire a travaille chez Caterpillar. Grenoble (et St. Martin d'Uriage) m'ai (miss?) manque?? Comment on dir ca? to miss. Ahlors, we do miss Grenoble, France, Chamrousse, St. Martin d'Uriage, Pizza La Royale, etc., etc. Merci, merci! Ton Blog est super!! Ciao, Yvette (thewaitforkate@blogspot.com)

mum a dit…

des moutons y'en a pas que ds le Diois....l'Irlande est pleine de moutons....mais ils st beaucoup plus beaux...na !!! où cà ?