Chemin Jésus.

Well, in Grenoble we have a tiny street called Chemin Jésus. Apparently, it inspired comments from a few people.
One added that Jesus "is gay", and pro-choice people posted a sticker saying "Catholics : fascists, the Veil law (about abortion) is 30 years old, but we still have to stay vigilant".

I must say that the "Jesus is gay" statement made me laugh but the sticker saddened me. Pro-life people tend to scare me. I find it unsuitable that today, some people, in the name of archaic religious beliefs, still negate our individual freedom of choice as women.
Their is an infinity of different stories and I think that each one should be considered separately, and by the people involved in it only.
Well, that's my opinion.

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for your many fine photos.
Abortion, a very tough question. People have stopped talking about it, which cannot lead to any good end. So here’s what I think.
A woman must have an (almost) absolute right to control her body. Only a child’s life within a mother should affect this right.
When does "life" begin? I don't know. But I do know it was there when I spoke to each of my children inside their Mother’s womb during the weeks before birth. Ask any parent.
So I am very unsettled when the Pro Choice side battles to allow a daughter or son to be aborted right up to the moment before delivery.

Olivier a dit…

vous avez de l'humour à Grenoble ;o).

Peter a dit…

You take up some rather contreversial subjects. I like that as such, but about these matters, it's difficult to have a 100% clear opinion.
I'm definitely in favour of the personal choice on all matters, but some rules may be needed if we live together in a society.
Concerning the "birth control" there is somehow also the question of when life begins and then you have the risk factor...
But once more, each case is different and I believe that the persons involved must decide as much as possible for themselves, but after a careful analysis of the situation and the consequences of the act for themselves and others.