On va se garer où ?

I found this sign on the workings in the Paul Mistral's Park where a huge car park has been removed and replaced by grassy area.

But some people don't find this change to their liking!

Someone added a little yellow post-it saying "where are we going to park now?"
Another one worried about the parking problems that are supposed to be brought by the new stadium (located jut next to the Mistral's Park).
And a last one added the term "shitty" to discribe the stadium!

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Peter a dit…

Once again, you have the right to express your opinions. The question is how. Somehow we must presume that in a democratic country, the choice has been done democratically, but then you may of course be part of the 49% minority!

In general, all kinds of changes may be difficult to accept, at least immediately, but change is an essential part of life. I would say: Respect the past, but be prepared to accept change!

I guess we have to get used to the difficulty to move around with (and park) our cars anywhere. Public transport, walking, biking...must get into our habits, whether we like it or not!