Cinema time!

As the weather is not so fine in Grenoble at the moment, evenings are cinema time for me!
The cinema that you can find on Boulevard Edouard Rey is called "La Nef" and it's a small cinema where you can this films in original version (like in the other one I told you about some time before: "Le Club").

Comme il ne fait pas très beau en ce moment à Grenoble, les soirées sont reservées au cinéma pour moi. Celui que vous pourrez trouver sur le Boulevard Edouard Rey s'appelle La Nef et c'est un petit cinema qui pass encore les films en V.O.

3 commentaires:

Peter a dit…

Fortunately that you can find cinemas showing the original versions! In Paris, it's easy. I spent a lot of time in Düsseldorf the last years. Often alone in the evening, I wanted to watch a film, but almost impossible to find original versions.

Answers to you questions on my (second) blog today: Yes and yes!

Olivier a dit…

superbe, c'est une tres bonne idee de plaque de rue

Keropok Man a dit…

You mentioned, you have been watching movies. That's so nice!

How much does cinema tickets cost in your city?