Wild life!

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Volmon a dit…

Someone needs to call Quentin (Tarantino) and tell him that his Chinese panda is on the loose!

Sally a dit…

Stencil art has taken the world by storm. I see it all over Sydney now. I like it. Here's a Green Boy in Sydney.

Volmon a dit…

Sally: As I'm sure you know, there's a lot of it here in Melbourne, as well, but most of it isn't very inventive or surprising. The best examples of it are in the CBD, most of which are now buzzing with activity (day and night) due to the growing population of inner city dwellers, cafes, galleries, studios, etc.

One of my favourite haunts at the moment is a place called The Horse Bazaar which features - among many other things - a wrap around video wall and a rear-projection urinal (!), both of which artists can submit work for. The best are not only given a season, as it were, but are awarded prizes, too.

Check it out:


Volmon a dit…

Oops, that should have read:

"The best examples of it are in the narrow laneways that criss-cross the CBD..."

Ann (MobayDP) a dit…

This brings new meaning to that book title : Eats. Shoots and leaves.

Great Theme Day post today.

Peter a dit…

So the WWW symbol has got wild!