Red rider and another "blogger award".

Today, Olivier from Every Daily Photo passed along to me the Kreativ
Blogger award, with the stipulation that I share six things that make me happy, and then pass it along to six fellow bloggers.
Not as easy as it seems. If I really have to chose 6 things that make my happy, I'll go for these ones at the moment :
  • - Attending good rock'n'roll gigs
  • - Spending time with close friends and family
  • - Having a nice diner with cheese, wine and friends again!
  • - My lovely black kitten (best cat in the world, believe me!)
  • - Being able to do something with my voice (though I wouldn't call that "singing" yet!)
  • - Finally being able to think that not all my pictures are rubbish!
Concerning the 6 bloggers I have to pass this award along to, well it's really hard to chose and I'm not sure I can really do that again, there are too many great blogs out there!

5 commentaires:

Elizabeth a dit…

This shot is exquisite! Thank you for sharing! YOu have a lovely site.


Olivier a dit…

on pourrait imaginer un reflet du vélo.

Adam a dit…

Hmmm, I like it, even if it is rather joyous!

Do I notice a recurring bike theme in your photos? In fact, we could say that they are being re-cycled...

Peter a dit…

Unfortunately I know nothing about your voice, but I know that your photos are defintely the contrary to rubbish! Congratulations to the award!

babooshka a dit…

Love this image, the angles, the light and the popping colours.