Old postcards are back.

As I've been ill for the past few days I have no new pictures to show you right now. Plus I won't be in Grenoble on Monday and Tuesday (going to the mountains to breathe some fresh air!). So I'll be posting some old postcards from Grenoble until the end of the year.
So here is the first one in a series of 3.

This is the intersection of Gambetta Bd and Alsace Lorraine Boulevard in 1910. Next week, I'll try to show you what is looks like today.

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Peter a dit…

Yes, looking forward to see the comparison! Take care and enjoy the fresh air!

Adam a dit…

Get well soon!

It is interesting to see Haussmannian style buildings outside Paris, but here on a smaller scale (4/5 stories rather than 6/7). Less people to house there I guess!