The Cake Shop.

The Cake Shop is a very anglo-saxon new shop that can be found on 11, Thiers Street. Here you can buy lovely cupcakes (check my other blog and you'll learn that I really like cupcakes) and other pastries, as well as all the necessary accessories to make those little treats at home.

This picture is probably the first one of a little series about shops I like in Grenoble.
Hopefully it'll help me regaining my motivation to stroll through my city again as I've kind of lost it during the past few weeks/months. Mind you, I've lost it well against my wishes! Some events /people have contributed to turn me into a stranger in my own town, which really annoys me.

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Paulo Camacho a dit…

Beautiful photo of a nice place. And very interssting blog. PC

Cupcakes en ballade a dit…

Cette boutique est une merveille à Grenoble, les cupcakes y sont si fondants!

Tes photos sont superbes!

j'ai fais un article sur The Cake Shop:

mum a dit…

Oh quelle devanture sympa... et alors ce qu'il y a l'intérieur... hum hum, miam miam.. va falloir que j'aille y faire un tour !!!
Courage pour la suite , ce me semble une série intéressante à aborder.

Babzy a dit…

Une devanture qu'on ne peut pas rater ;)

Adam a dit…

Sorry to read about your current motivation problems! I think we all go through those moments when it all seems too familiar, ugly or pointless.

I have a question for you though as a professional photographer. Do you always ask permission before taking photos? I'm thinking back to the time for example when you took a whole series on a car park, as I've lost count of the number of times I've been told to stop taking pictures of places - notably car parks!

Bleeding Orange a dit…

Adam> well I try to but it's not always possible.

In the case of that particular car park I didn't. But I have promo pics to do for a band in this place and for this shooting I'm going to ask permission.

Cupcackes en ballade> je vais de ce pas visiter ton blog !

Babzy> tu l'as dit !!

Bleeding Orange a dit…

Adam> the problem was not really that I found everything too familiar or pointless. I even think that there is almost always a good picture to take in every place I got, even the most insignificant or the ugliest!

B Squared a dit…

I know exactly what you mean. Persevere, I enjoy your efforts.

Leif Hagen a dit…

Salut! A delicious snap! I love cakes and sweets - maybe a store for me! Cute photo! PINK Photo - come see my PINK picture on today's posting. Bonjour d'EAGAN daily photo