6 rue Lakanal.

Today, let's make our 3rd stop in a colourful shop called Fab... where you can find loads of useless yet essential gadgets, like rubber-duck clocks, stiletto-heel phones or The Clash's glasses! Now you know where to go when you're out of ideas for your presents (and when you have a little money 'cause it can be a bit expensive).

I think this shop was perfect for this post as it totally goes with my "pop" mood of the day and the movie I went to see during the afternoon (yes I was lucky enough not to work!): The Boat that rocked (here in France they renamed it Good Morning England).

If you love England and Rock'n'Roll and that you haven't seen it yet, I think you should give it a try. It's real good entertainment (plus,
a movie with 2 songs by the Kinks in its soundtrack can't be a bad movie).
The only drawback I can see here is that it reminds me that there is no real record shop in Grenoble where you can listen to good music, discover stuff, buy vinyls and have a nice chat with
a record dealer who really have a passion for what he/she is selling.
And believe me (I've been a record dealer in another life so...) I know a few people who could set up this perfect place! But that's another story!

3 commentaires:

mum a dit…

Fab... fab... fabuleux !!!
Une boite métal Grenoble en vitrine ...pour ma collection... demain j'irai y faire un tour !

Jlou a dit…

Félicitations pour cette très intéressante série.

Calusarus a dit…

Rien que pour la boîte, c'est une trés jolie photo