Gospel choir and St Hugues Chapel.

Here is a little picture from a music video I've worked on a few weeks ago. It was trully a great experience (and only the second time I was working as a "director of photography" on a video clip).
It was for a rock'n'roll video but there was a Gospel Choir involved so I reminds me a bit of Blur's song Tender... but our video is going to be 10 times better than Blur's one, even if I love Blur! Well, I'm kidding... a bit! I'll show you as soon as the director is OK for that!

If you've got a chance to check out this church, don't hesistate to do so because it is beautiful. It can be found just by the huge medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral, on Notre-Dame place.

4 commentaires:

Leif Hagen a dit…

A wonderful photo of the Gospel choir in a heavenly church! Encore!

Olivier a dit…

magnifique, on dirait une photo avec un léger traitement HDR

Bleeding Orange a dit…

Leif Hagen> Thanx!

Olivier> ça n'est pas un traitement HDR, que j'ai tendance à trouver trop artificiel à mon goût, mais il y a en effet un petit traitement quand même pour tout faire ressortir correctement. Bien vu !

Pierre des Indes a dit…

Superbe photo! Composition, couleurs, ambiance, tout y est!